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Extending hospital standard of care at home

Extending hospital standard of care at home

Improving patient outcome and optimising operations with connected wards

Improving patient outcome and optimising operations with connected wards

Our Product

WarnerPatch is an innovative new medical device powered with 5G connectivity and our interoperable web application for continuous real-time remote monitoring of symptoms with reminders to better inform clinical decision-making process.

Using a new non-invasive sensing method, regional soft tissue health is derived as an indication of real-time and near-future disease evolution.

Medical Applications

Regional soft tissue health is an indicative parameter for any disease involving a general or regional  vascular condition. We are particularly focusing on peripheral vascular diseases including monitoring of chronic diabetic foot ulcers/wound, post-surgical vascular repair, amputation and, drug efficacy.

These conditions evolve too fast or too slow for clinicians to have a clear overview of their evolution overtime for preventive care, leading to late recognition of disease degradation and fast treatment escalation toward increased morbidity.

Patient Groups & Benefits

WarnerPatch is designed to be used inside and outside of the clinical setting, allowing for home use. Once patients are identified, WarnerPatch can be prescribed for outpatients secondary care, and, inpatients secondary and tertiary care. 

Thanks to continuous monitoring of patients' symptoms with automated verification reminders for clinicians, patients and hospital operations benefits may include*:

  • improved patient quality of life
  • reduced A&E admission
  • reduced length of stay and 30days readmission
  • reduced waiting list after secondary care referrals
  • reduced disease worsening and treatment escalation

*according to the patient group and current care infrasctructure

Case Studies


In community care and homes, WarnerPatch can assist with remote continuous monitoring of symptoms to virtually extend the ward during early safe discharge, facilitate follow-up appointments, and, district nursing work. 

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WarnerPatch can be prescribed to patients in hospital ward following admission, to free nursing time with reduced frequencies of clinical observation of tissue health and to reduce patient interruption with continuous monitoring and automated verification reminders.

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Patients undergoing surgical interventions, require close monitoring within the first 72hours to anticipate any surgery failure. WarnerPatch can be provided for continuous real-time monitoring with verifcation reminders, allowing clinicans to anticipate any failure or regression.

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Regulatory & Compliance

To obtain details about case studies, purchase process and regulatory compliance aspects of WarnerPatch, please contact 'info at warnerpatch dot com'.